Propolis Extract PFL 15 Comvita (Alcohol free)

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Comvita Propolis extract (PFL15) is easy to use, water soluble and doesn't contain alcohol.

  • Guaranteed PFL15 flavonoid rating
  • Easy-to-use dropper

Bees make propolis by gathering resin or sap from plants and combining it with enzymes. Packed withbio-flavonoids , they use propolis to protect their hives from infection.

Hesitating between propolis tincture and propolis extract? The extract is alcohol free and designed more for internal use, while the tincture is an alcoholic extract of propolis in ethanol which is better for external applications.



Propolis solids extracted in Mono Propylene Glycol.

Suitable for vegetarians. 
Over 99% alcohol free.

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